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“I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2 ESV

As I write this blog post, it is election day. Since it is well-understood that confession is good for the soul, I may also confess to you that I have approached this day with some degree of concern (notice how I dodged the word “worry). In my defense, I fall back on the Proverb that says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked rule, the people mourn.” (Prov. 29:2)

Have you ever had one of those times when a specific biblical concept kept coming up “randomly?” Maybe your pastor preached about it, or you read about it in your daily Bible reading, or your small group discussed it. That has been happening to me lately. The biblical concept?


Don’t trip over that eleven-letter word. It just means that God is powerful, authoritative, and His purposes override all other powers and authorities on earth – all of them. Nothing can stop God’s purposes. Absolutely nothing!

Of course, that means that God is sovereign over this election. But it goes far, far beyond that. Biblical examples of His sovereign control are ubiquitous. Consider:

He is sovereign over seemingly random events. (Prov. 16:33)

He is sovereign over nature. (Psalm 135:6)

He is sovereign over animals. (Matthew 10:29)

He is sovereign over nations. (2 Chronicles 20:6)

He is sovereign over every single human decision. (Prov. 21:1)

Yet, in my fretting and consternation, I am continually trying to pull God down to my level. That is the very definition of practical atheism. God will not comply. He is sovereign, and no purpose of His can be thwarted.

But why do I say that this doctrine is the most despised teaching of the flesh and the carnal mind? The short answer is ‘PRIDE.” The natural mind cannot stand the idea that God controls and rules over everything. The flesh recoils at any usurpation of its autonomy. And the idea that we are accountable to this sovereign Creator God is anathema to the wickedness of the human heart. (Jer. 17:9)

No matter what happens in today’s election and beyond, God is still sovereign. He is still on the throne. The earth is still His footstool. And His sovereignty is always governed by His wisdom and by His justice and by His mercy. I am going to try to remember that when I wake up tomorrow morning. What about you?

Prayer focus: In what areas of my life am I denying the sovereignty of God?

Be blessed,


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