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Relational Design Part 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

“Let us make man in our image, in our likeness...” Genesis 1:26

From our previous writings we can see the beautiful mystery of the triune God as they created the heavens and the earth “in the beginning.” Scripture records at the end of each day of creation “God saw that it was good.” However, on the sixth day, we get a different picture as recorded in Genesis 2:18. For the first time, God looks upon creation and says “It is not good.” What wasn’t good about creation? The answer, you might already know, is that it wasn’t good for “man to be alone.”

Return now to Genesis 1:26 where The Trinity agree to “make man in our image” and “in our likeness.” Notice here the use of “our” and its plural nature. That is, more than one…not alone. Therefore, I conclude one aspect of the image and likeness of God is a relational design. When God sees man is alone He declares this is “not good” and, together, they “make a helper suitable for him [Genesis 2:18].” What happens next?

Many people answer God created woman; however, the best answer would be not yet! First, God presents to Adam all the “beasts of the field” and “birds of the air” and declares “no suitable helper was found [Genesis 2:19-20].” \

What wasn’t suitable for Adam?

I suggest nothing was found suitable for relationship as the answer. Interestingly, as an aside, God knew it wasn’t good for man to be alone but did Adam? I only speculate God brought forth all of creation for Adam in order to awaken a desire for relationship within him. At this point is when God puts Adam into a deep sleep and from his own rib creates woman!

As image-bearers of God, we were divinely created for relationship. Relationship on earth, as it had been among the Trinity, was the pinnacle of creation! At the end of the sixth day, God surveyed all that he had made and said it was “very good [Genesis 1:31].”

Prayer: God, thank you for knowing it was not good to be alone. Thank you for the family, friends, and relationships you have placed in my life. Today, help me see my relationships with them as very good.

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