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Statistics show us 68% of church-going men and over 50% of pastors view pornography on a regular basis. Studies also directly link sex trafficking to pornography. But life isn’t about numbers. It’s about real people. Fathers. Sons. Mothers. Daughters. People you and I know. What is a life worth? We find a pattern for most men which is becoming normal, perhaps even expected by society - Operating day-to-day with a defiled heart, remaining hidden and silent within the shadow of shame, and chasing after everything except the One who will bring us peace, Jesus Christ. Unable to break this pattern, fathers are failing to lead their families with courage and are allowing their own passivity to set up future generations for despair. Clearly, something must change - HEARTS must be transformed and become unDEFILED!


The unDEFILED project is a unique tiered approach to reaching and teaching men how to live a Christ-directed life. It starts by reaching them where they can already be found, namely, in front of a screen. A feature-length fictional narrative sets the tone and leaves the viewer with questions neatly embedded in a Christ-centered, entertaining, action-packed, and relatable story.  Written resources take many film viewers deeper into God’s Word with individual and group lessons and other unique and useful resources. Finally, face-to-face help and counseling are offered bringing participants an intense time of focused bible-based learning and deep reflection to promote transformation through Jesus Christ. 

May my heart be blameless in your statutes, that I may not be put to shame!
Psalm 119:80
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