filming March 8-26, 2021
Macon, GA

Statistics show us 68% of church-going men and over 50% of pastors view pornography on a regular basis. But life isn’t about statistics. It’s about real people. Fathers. Sons. Men you and I know. What is a son worth? We find a pattern for most men which is becoming normal, perhaps even expected by society - Operating day-to-day with a defiled heart, remaining hidden and silent within the shadow of shame, and chasing after everything except the One who will bring us peace, Jesus Christ. Unable to break this pattern, fathers are failing to lead their families with courage and are allowing their own passivity to set up future generations for despair. Clearly, something must change - HEARTS must be transformed and become unDEFILED!


The unDEFILED project is a unique tiered approach to reaching and teaching men how to live a Christ-directed life. It starts by reaching them where they can already be found, namely, in front of a screen. A feature-length fictional narrative sets the tone and leaves the viewer with questions neatly embedded in a Christ-centered, entertaining, action-packed, and relatable story.  Written resources take many film viewers deeper into God’s Word with individual and group lessons and other unique and useful resources. Finally, face-to-face help and counseling are offered bringing participants an intense time of focused bible-based learning and deep reflection to promote transformation through Jesus Christ. 


May my heart be blameless in your statutes, that I may not be put to shame! Psalm 119:80

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Bradford Haynes

Mitch Jennings - lead

Transitioning from a professional baseball career into acting he has had roles on shows such as Stranger Things, Necessary Roughness, and Teen Wolf. Bradford and his company B12Haynes Productions are also helping produce the film. Bradford lives in Macon, GA with his wife and two young daughters. He is an incredible Christian man and I treasure his friendship dearly.

Cameron Arnett

Jerry Jennings

You have seen him recently in films such as Overcomer and I Still Believe. Cameron will now be taking on the immensely important role of Jerry Jennings in unDEFILED. Cameron is much more than incredible talent. He seeks to serve Jesus Christ with the talent given to him, offering all he does to God in order to Glorify Him. This shines through his work and makes him ideal to play a role such as this that must show the dark side of people lost in addiction and shame.

Cory Kays

Alex Doyle

Cory’s ability to lift a role from the pages of a script and turn it into a real-to-life multi-dimensional character is unequaled. Extremely professional, soft-spoken, and always polite, Cory’s performances in front of the camera consistently leave nothing short of an enormous impact on audiences. We are thrilled to be working with him again and the entire unDEFILED team is blessed to have Cory onboard in this key role.

Leanne Johnson


Kalyn Elizabeth Wood

Samantha Sawyer

Leanne is an amazingly talented actress and no doubt already familiar to some of you as she is no stranger to indie films and network television. There have been so many great auditions for this film, Leanne's was one of them that captivated us to no end. She brings a difficult and very deep character to life by taking her many layers deeper into reality. We simply cannot wait for you to see Leanne bring you this intensely real character.

The story of how God brought Kalyn to our team is quite interesting as there were over 300 talented applicants for this role. We were absolutely fascinated by Kalyn's performances. Her refined depth of character and emotion brings exactly the kind of ultra-raw realism called for in this film. She is a stellar performer and we are thrilled to know she will touch the lives of so many people.

Zach Sale

Josh Gibson

Zach is a bold and smooth force-of-nature on the screen. Most importantly, he was able to take the role of our antagonist and add twists of realism that will make viewers ponder this character's backstory for days or weeks. Zach is Hollywood-grade talent, the kind that is memorable and realistic, the kind you don't find just anywhere. We are so excited to have Zach on board!

Stephanie Peterson

Amber Jennings

An incredibly difficult role, it must authentically represent millions of women who have endured the same trauma. Stephanie stopped us in our tracks with the way she captured an incredibly real Amber, understanding her on a deep emotional level and letting that come through in an ultra-believable character. We are thrilled to have Stephanie in a position to touch so many people with her God-given talent.


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